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Film camp is the perfect way to build self-confidence, communication and social skills as well as filmmaking skills. Enroll your kids in the best film camp for kids in Denver to help them reach their full potential through our wide range of filmmaking classes. We offer several courses that will strike just the right chord with your child’s interests.

First, we offer the News Broadcast class. This program empowers children to produce their very own news shows. They share breaking news, forecast the weather, and recap the latest sports highlights. They also write and produce their own commercials, giving them insight into marketing and advertising from a broadcast point of view.

Another class we offer is the YOUth TUBEr course. If your kid is into watching or creating videos for YouTube, this is the right class for them. If they have dreams of becoming the next young, new star on YouTube, then this class will teach them the skills they need to create, act in, direct, and produce their own YouTube videos. They’ll learn the technical skills needed to create high-quality videos and how to present themselves charismatically on camera.

If your kid is into movies and using their imaginations, then the Mini-Movie class would be just right for them. Working collaboratively, children get to create, direct, act in, and produce a movie of their very own. They learn how do all the steps necessary for creating a great mini-movie that showcases their creative talents.

In all of our classes, we help students build life-long skills, all at the same time as they’re having fun and being creative. They learn public speaking skills and how to talk to a camera effectively. We encourage children to let their personalities shine through on camera, and their self-confidence improves in all of the activities they take part in. They learn communication and social skills, like team work, that will benefit them in all areas of their lives.

Our instructors are filmmaking professionals, and they are effective teachers. They show kids how to engage in the art of conversation, how to be charismatic and engaging speakers, how to memorize, and much more. Through positive feedback and showing kids how to listen to each other, they begin to feel more confident on camera and in the more technical aspects of filming. Contact us for the best film camp for kids in Denver!

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